Living in the Shadow of Myself
My Journey through Brain Injury

A brain injury doesn’t just affect you; it affects you and everyone who is close to you.  It is very important to have support and understanding from your family and friends.  I survived with the help of some of my family members and a few close friends.  Without their help and the assistance of my doctor and attorney, I would not have been able to navigate through the maze of uncertainty that my life became.                                                                                              
Writing from the viewpoint of a person with brain injury, I share my own personal experiences.  I have gone into great detail to give a very accurate account of what a person with brain injury experiences in their daily life.

Some of the areas I cover in my book are:
-the devastation caused to a person’s thinking ability, self esteem and confidence
-the symptoms I encountered (listed alphabetically), including details of my personal experiences
-how my relationships with family and friends were affected
-my interactions with physicians, insurance companies, the disability system, and the legal system
-the stages a person goes through over the years
-how I learned to adjust and adapt to brain injury
-tips on organizing and remembering
-how I learned to believe in myself again

I want to help others understand the severity and devastation caused by traumatic brain injury.  At the same time, my intent is to offer understanding, information, comfort and hope to other survivors and their families.